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An Experiement of a low media week January 10, 2014

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A few weeks ago I came across a blog post on Raising Low Media Kids ( and keeping your sanity)-there are some really great tips.  I have to admit, I use the TV to help maintain my sanity some days, and to keep the boys occupied while I do things around the house.  While we don’t have the TV on all the time, nor do we have smart phones for them to play with, and I highly limit their time my tablet (maybe once a week-though now Pete has to earn his time on it by filling up part of his sticker chart), it was still a crutch-esp around the time to cook supper.

With Baby #3 on the way, I want to start developing in the boys a sense of self play, so that I don’t feel as though I have to entertain them.  My goal as a mom has always been to get my boys to be self-sufficient.  I don’t have an open concept house, and many times they are in a different room playing, while I am working on something else.  I even let them play outside in our back yard unsupervised (gasp!).

In the house, they always seemed to have issues with playing by themselves. So, I started limiting how many toys they had out (still feel we have too many toys out).  Crayons, markers, coloring books, paper, and play dough are always accessible to the boys.   This week I allowed them to be bored-I didn’t feel that I had to create for them something to do.  If Pete asked, I suggested items for him to play with.


The fort

The evenings,the boys have been taking apart the couches in the living room.  There have been pillow trails, pillow piles, and our current configuration is a pillow fort (today I think it is a castle) complete with its own hiding tent.


Car, Train and Plane tracks

A few days ago, I taped roads for Pete to use during his quiet time. Both he and Tim have played on it a few times this week.  It will soon come up as I need to tackle that room to get ready for our next addition.


Can you believe this had 50 pounds of sand it? My guess is that there is now 10 pounds left in it, and the rest of the sand is in different places around our yard.

Today, it was warm enough to let them go outside and play in the rain. They were making their own fun.  I had warm towels and dry clothes ready for them when they came in.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how their little imaginations have taken off, with just limiting TV time this week.  I love to hear them playing together, sometimes I have to intervene.  It can be done, and your kids will be happier for it!


One Response to “An Experiement of a low media week”

  1. Katy Says:

    Yep, it can definitely be done. Probably 5 months ago I had to make a change in our TV habits. I only allow Pearson to watch 1 TV show a week now and it’s usually on a Saturday or Sunday morning while Matt and I are trying to both get ready at the same time. I used to be totally okay with him watching one show a day, but it was becoming such a battle when it was over to watch more that it wasn’t worth the 30 minutes of quiet that I got. He hasn’t seemed to miss it one bit because it forces him to find other things to play with. He is such a great independent player and I think it’s because of the low media in his life. Good for you for limiting your boys media and forcing them to just be kids!!

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