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Are you up for the challenge? June 14, 2012

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A few weeks ago, I was feeling pretty discontented with my house.  A lot of it stymied from it being cluttered, and that I am not the world’s best house keeper.  I like my house, but not in love with it.  I posted a few comments on my facebook page, and my sister-in-law gently prodded me to look through a lens of thankfulness.

For a while now, I have been reading a blog by Ann Volskamp.  I love her insights and gentle reminders.  I have been wanting to read her book A Thousand Gifts for a while now. I finally picked it up this week, and was promptly knocked to my knees.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but it has already challenged me.  She challenges the reader that a full life is one that thrives on thankfulness and seeing God in the small things.  She was in a hard place in her life, and she challenged herself to come up with 1,000 God-gifts (things she was thankful for, made her smile, or felt love) in a year.  That is 3 a day.  As she started her 1,000 list journey, her attitude began to change.

So, I decided to take up the challenge.  So far I have 22 on my list.  What about you?  Are you having a hard time seeing God lately?  Feeling discontented with life and feel the only way to be content is to have more things?  I’d be happy to have you join me on the 1,000 gift challenge.

Gift # 20-The baby blue eyes that I wake up to every morning.

Gift #21- My 2 yr old’s laughing eyes.



Holy Underwear, Aaron! June 6, 2012

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There are many days, when getting a chance to be in the Word is really hard to do. One of the things I decided I was going to do, was pull out our Bible on CD and listen to it in the car as I am driving around town.  I started this a couple weeks ago and have made it through mid Exodus.  Driving down 75, my ears did a double take on one of the verses.

It takes place on Mt. Sinai, Moses has been up on the mountain a while and is getting the instructions, details and plans for the priesthood, tabernacle, and laws of the land.  God is walking him through how He wants His “transportable” house to be, how the priests should act and what they should wear.  He has just finished describing the ephod that Aaron is to wear, in its beauty and significance.  Then at the end of Exodus 28, He throws this little tidbit in:

42 “Make linen undergarments as a covering for the body, reaching from the waist to the thigh. 43 Aaron and his sons must wear them whenever they enter the tent of meeting or approach the altar to minister in the Holy Place, so that they will not incur guilt and die.“This is to be a lasting ordinance for Aaron and his descendants.

Whoa, what did I just hear?  God telling Moses, that priests were to wear underwear? This is not the first place in Exodus that God told Moses that certain parts of the body should not be visible when doing priestly duties.  The alter could not have steps, so as the private parts would not be exposed.

Bet you haven’t ever thought about those verses before, eh?  What is it about our nakedness that is a disgrace? Or is it more of our nakedness not showing the proper reverence towards God?  In the garden Adam and Eve were naked, and it wasn’t till they ate the fruit did they realize they were naked and God covered their nakedness.  Could it be a throw back to the fact that we are a sinful people and our nakedness is a reminder of our sin?

I am sure this could be so taken out of context and used to beat people over the head with how we dress when we come to the house of the Lord.  There is a tendency to address it from a human stand point throw out there the words, “stumbling block”. What if we did relate it back to are we being reverent to God in how we dress?

Something to think about.


5 years ago… June 2, 2012

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…about this time, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry my best friend.  As, I sat waiting to meet my groom, my mom and bridesmaids helped to ease the tension.

Cheese Grommit, cheese!

It felt like an eternity, but also went by so fast!  We had a wonderful simple wedding and reception.

The past 5 years have flown by.  We have added to our family, seen the inside of ambulances and hospitals, and purchased our first home.  Thank you, Josh, for 5 wonderful years!