Armed With Duct Tape

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It is in whisper of the wind January 9, 2014

Filed under: faith — swedblue @ 2:17 pm

Many times when someone around me says that God spoke to them, I long for that kind of relationship and time to meditate and hear God.  Yet, I have learned that God speaks in many different ways.   I get an idea or pressing on my spirit.

Around Christmas time, I got an idea in my head, and as I researched it that idea became more of a pressing on my spirit.  It would not leave me.  I looked into a couple of things, and the door was closed.  Instead of giving up (which I think my husband would have preferred), I checked one more door.

I found it open and inviting.  I had no idea why I was going this direction or why I felt so sure about it.  Honestly, I did not see the signs of this being God’s doing, until today.  I got confirmation of what I was doing was the right way and found out why I needed to go this way.  I did not know that God was preparing me for a change, and because I was open this change is not painful, but rather pleasant.

I am excited for what is to come, and I’ll share more about this journey as we go.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel God is speaking directly to you.  He is there, and His still quiet voice is talking to you and guiding you, whether you recognize it or not.


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