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A quick little project (and winner of the drawing) September 6, 2012

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I am so happy it is September.  It means the end of the hot weather is coming soon.  It is also the month we celebrate Pete’s birthday.  I can’t believe he is turning 3 already!  I wanted to something for him to help him countdown the days (I really wanted to have this done at the beginning of the month).  So while Lil’ Bit took his morning nap, Pete and I did an art project.  I cut and taped and he took the scraps and glued them to a piece of paper.

I put a number on each flag, till his birthday flag.  It is hanging over his bed, so he’ll see it everyday till his birthday. I am still trying to figure out when he will remove each flag-either in the morning or right before bed.

Birthday Countdown

One of the great things is I can use this to work with Pete on his numbers.  He knows them, but he has be getting them out of order or skipping some.

And now for the winner from the Just Jewelry drawing:

…..Katy L.!