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I’ll Be Home for Christmas… December 7, 2008

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…well, hmm let’s see- just where is home for me?  Last Sunday, our pastor started a new sermon series about Going Home for Christmas.  While his sermon was more on how to deal with the relationships and hard situations in life, my thoughts went a different direction as I penned the following thoughts:

The is no home for Christmas for me.  The closest thing I have is a “state of being”.  From my childhood, nothing is the same.  My grandparents have moved or passed to glory.  My parents have moved more times that I can count.

Yeah, I wish I could go home for Christmas, but just where is it?  Now that I am married, we go to start our own traditions.  Home, for now, is my husbands family.  My family, I haven’t seen in over a year.  That is the problem living 16+ hours away by car or 20+ hours away by air. My family is too dispersed throughout the world.  Getting together takes a lot of work….and money.  I miss my family Christmases from my childhood.  It seemed so easy, to a child’s mind, we went to Minnesota and spent it with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  1 1/2 years into marriage, experience has taught me that it probably wasn’t easy for my parents.  Though they were blessed to have all their family within a 45 minute drive of one another

Would I like to move closer to my family?  Yes, but then I would be moving my husband away from his

As we sit on the verge of starting our own family, Josh and I get to figure out what family Christmases look like.  How we divide our holidays between our respective extended families, and the friends that we consider family.

For now, I’ll be thinking of my family on Christmas and wishing I could be with them this year, and look forward to a Christmas soon, where we will all be together again.