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Pictures April 23, 2007

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We got to see our engagement pictures. While Jos and I have yet to sit down together and choose the ones we want printed, we do have a new one for our wedding website. Here are a couple to enjoy!


Auntie’s Problem April 16, 2007

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My junior year of college, I took a creative writing course. One of the assignments was to do a found poem. We had to go around for a week with a notepad and pen and write down different snippets of conversations that we heard, then take that and create a poem using the lines we wrote.

I had so much fun with this, I wrote two, but I’ll share just one. And no-this is not biographical

Auntie’s Problem

Not showering and pretending that everybody is the same
Is why Papa says Auntie will never get married,
So we prayed…
“Not that we’re desperate
But she’s not like those Moody girls
Who live to find a man.
God, this thing is killing us,
Everybody dreams their dreams,
She has got to dream about some man.”

We’re sure she feels alone
And that she wants to be asked out,
So that’s why we’re going to the World Wide Web
In hopes to find a quality Christian man on AOL.
It could be techie love.
She found out and said,
“Are you nuts?
What audacity you have!
I personally wouldn’t do it.”

She went on…
“I have become a lady in waiting,
I am content and have learned that to wait is divine.
Those desperate Moody girls
Are in too much of a hurry,
They can’t even recognize their own phone,
Love is a toy to them.
So, who gave you the right
To give my phone number to that man?”

Then to our surprise,
One day it happened,
While she socialized at Starbucks,
Her heart danced with joy when she saw him.
Now, we’ve planned the wedding,
Made phone calls and sent emails,
To invite the hometown crowd.
It seemed to take forever,
But we’re going to Auntie’s wedding.

This came to mind as I was thinking about the fact that there are only 7 weeks before my own wedding. Yup that’s right count them- 7 weeks. The past month has been busy, getting Josh packed and moved. Our parents met finally, all went well. We have been unpacking him, figuring out where things are going to go in our home. I have started packing up my stuff, got my books packed, that’s about it. Though I still have things that are packed from when I moved down.

Wedding plans are moving along. It feels like there is not much left to do, though I know there are a lot of small details that need to be taken care of. Everything will be done in time.

A good marriage is one, which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love. ~ Pearl Buck