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They Say Be Careful What You Ask for… December 12, 2013

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What seems a life time ago, when I was a fifth grade teacher, I remember coming out of the experience and prayed a very specific prayer.  It seems like the Lord has very much answered the said prayer.

“Lord, please if you grant me children may they be….”

Be what?


Here is a clue:

DSC_0575Wait…is this a gender announcement?


popThat is what I’ll be doing in about 19 weeks!

And…what is the color?  Is it a boy or girl?



I had a lot of drama with girls in my classes and yes, I tell God that I would prefer to have boys.  We are expecting another boy.

If you ask Pete how he feels, he’ll tell you, or not.  When we knew the possibility of another boy at the last appointment, Pete cried for 5 minutes.  He so wants a little sister.   On the way home from the doctor’s office this morning, he asked me why I didn’t tell the doctor that I wanted a girl (what he really wanted).  Now we have to talk up the benefits of having another little brother.  Like, while he’ll have to look out for his brother-it is not like protecting a sister from other boys. 🙂   Having another brother to join in the fun that he and Tim have will be great-sometimes girls don’t want to play the same things boys want to play.

And no, in case you want to ask-we are not going to try to have a girl.  We are quite happy with 3.

Or maybe the doctor just saw a foot….


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