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What is Real Beauty? October 24, 2006

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Everyone knows that Hollywood and the glam industry portrays women as perfect and thin. It is hard not fall into the trap of thinking we need to fit into what is portrayed to the world to feel beautiful.

One of the companies that I really have appreciated over the past couple of years who has taken a stand against this, is Dove. Their campaign for real beauty definitely caused controversy when it was first put out. I ran across this short film, that was eye opening…

Gather ye rose-buds while ye may, old Time is still a-flying: And this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying. ~Robert Herrick


Where’s my Jettson-mobile? October 17, 2006

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HERE COMES THE FLYING BUS | Bohn Aluminum & Brass, 1946 |

Do you remember seeing the dreams of how our generation was going to travel? We are supposed to be flying through the air with the greatest of ease (and comfort) all computer based, gosh we shouldn’t even have to pay attention to the road! It sure would make my commute a whole lot easier! Then again- I am waiting for the day where I can use a transporter to get from place to place!