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Benjamin’s Birth Story May 1, 2014

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On Tuesday morning, April 29th, Benjamin made his way into the world a little differently than we had planned.  But that is the end of the story, I need to start at the beginning-which starts in December of last year.

At that time, Josh was still employed and working over 45 minutes away from the house.  There was an unexplained urge to start looking into different options other than a hospital birth.  I like my doctor who delivered the boys, but I really didn’t want to be induced again (which seemed to be a theme with him), nor did I want to be stuck to a bed during labor.

I really wanted to go natural and have the baby at a birth center.  I looked into our insurance to see if they covered any midwives or centers and found a couple.  I contacted one, got an answer that they were already booked.  I started thinking to myself, “Who am I kidding, I am 24 weeks pregnant, I am not going to find a center that will take me on.”  I put it on the back burner for a week, but it kept bugging me.  So, I did another search and found another birth center close to home.  I was over joyed when I found that they had 1 space left in April.  Of course, now I had to convince Josh that this was a good thing.

After going and interviewing with one of the midwives, Josh and I made the decision to go ahead move over to the birth center for the delivery of our baby.  I had one last OB appointment, where I found out that my doctor was going on extended medical leave.   For me it was a sign that we made the right decision.

The plan was to deliver at the birth center.  I really wanted to have a water birth.  I was looking forward to the advantages that laboring and delivering in water had to offer.  I liked the fact that I would labor mostly at home, then go up to the center.

I had my labor bag packed, everything was ready…then we waited…and waited…and waited.  Monday morning, I went in for a non-stress test to listen to the baby’s heart beat for an extended period of time.  At that point, I was 3 centimeters dilated and 90% effaced.  The midwife was pretty sure that I would deliver in the next couple of days.  So, we went home ready to head back up at some point this week to have this little one.


Well, that WAS the plan.  How it really ended:

Monday night around 7, I thought I heard the UPS truck (we were expecting a package) and got up to check outside.  As I opened the door, my water broke nothing big-just a little leak.  No contractions yet.  I went ahead and texted the midwife and doula just to let them know what was going on.  My midwife didn’t quite believe me when I talked to her.  A half an hour later, there was no doubt that my water broke, thankfully I was sitting on towels.

My contractions started just a little before 8pm and were coming pretty regularly.  Poor Josh was so tired, so I sent him to bed around 11, I figured one of us should get some rest.  The midwife checked in about 11:30, and about that time my contractions starting getting more intense.  She wanted me to come in and get checked.  So, I woke up Josh, and got up to the birth center around 12.  Though the contractions were more intense, there was no other movement.  She sent us home and told us to rest.  She thought that things would progress further later the morning (like 6 or 7 am).  My doula was also told just to go home and rest as well.

Oh, were we all in for a surprise.  I laid down, but the contractions kept coming more and more intense.  At this point, I really should have called my doula and midwife, but I was convinced as well it was regular contractions.  Around 2, I called the midwife.  She wanted me to time the contractions again.  A few minutes later, she called back and told me to come up to the center.  By 2:30 with contractions coming closer together, we start walking to the car.  Halfway down the front walk, I knew there was no way we were going to make it to the birth center (which was about 15 minutes away).

In we go back in the house, talking to the midwife who was on her way back to the birth center.  She made a route change and headed to our place.  All this time, I was ready to push.  Josh was a champ getting me to focus on him and not the baby coming at that moment. During this time, my mom got a pot of water boiling (because you always need boiling water at a birth!) and got the towels out of the dryer.  About 2:50, the midwife arrived, which was not a moment too soon.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed getting through each contraction trying hard not push the baby out.

There was a chaos of action putting down garbage bags and towels on the bed.  My mom, Josh and the midwife got me on the bed in time for me to start pushing.  Three pushes later, Benjamin was born.  He was laid on my chest, and we waited to cut the cord.  Josh got to cut the cord.   The second midwife arrived (there is normally 2 present at every birth- but ours was not a normal birth).

Benjamin just moments after birth.

Benjamin just moments after birth.

Not how we were planning on Benjamin coming into the world.

Getting checked.

Getting checked.

Then Benjamin got toweled off, and his vitals checked.  The midwives at this point thought for sure I birthed a 10 pound baby.  They bet he was at birth, but he pooped so much the first hour, that his weight was not quite 10 pounds!

Getting his first bath and loving it!

Getting his first bath and loving it!

Just chilling after pooping on his new towel.  :)

Just chilling after pooping on his new towel. 🙂

I glad we went with a midwife, and even though I didn’t get the labor and birth I thought was going to happen.  Having Benjamin at home was pretty cool as well.  The midwives were so calm during the whole process (they are pros), though my midwife has told me never to do that again! 🙂