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Thankful Thursday May 31, 2012

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I am thankful little feet. I love hearing them as the walk around the house.  They are wonderfully kissable!  I’ll kiss them now as much as I can, for I know a day is coming where I will keep those feet as far away from my nose as possible!


What does a toddler think? May 30, 2012

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A friend of mine just posted this is on her facebook page:

I thought is was mostly true.  We do have a few differences here as we don’t watch Barney, Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street, or Clifford.  I refuse to let Barney or Elmo play in our home (as does my wonderful hubby)-they are outlawed here.  While I would love to say we are a creative family,doing all sorts of fun things, the truth is that Lil’ Bud does watch TV to help me get things done.

We are very particular about what TV he watches.  For a while, we allowed him to watch Thomas the Tank Engine, then we saw a disturbing side of it- the attitudes of the engines were terrible. We also have stopped watching Calliou, because he exhibits attitudes and habits that we don’t want our children to copy.

So, what do we allow?  From the beginning, we loved Kipper.  I love this one because the animation is simple and clean.  Lil’ Bud watches everyday, Curious George and Dinosaur Train. Our other go to is Veggie Tales.

I am also very concious of the adult TV we watch while the boys are up.  Most of the shows we watch are on HGTV and Food Network.   Anything with violence (which is minimal-as I can’t take it) is watched after the boys are in bed.

I do try to limit how much he (and the rest of the family) watches, though there are some days that he watches more than I would normally want.  We are working on it!

How does TV play into your family? Do have certain programs “outlawed” in your home?


That’s Life May 29, 2012

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This past week, we have been dealing with the late on cast of the stomach flu.  Lil’ Bud and I got it last Monday, and hubs got it this Monday (what a rotten way to spend his day off).  We are pushing through it.  My house is still a wreck from when I was sick, and not having reinforcements this weekend, it is still in chaos.  But you know-that is life.

Instead, I have taking care of hurt hands, knees, and bums, as well as rocking my little ones to sleep.  What is more important that taking the time to make sure my children know they are loved?  I don’t think a sparkling clean house has priority over it. One day, my boys will be grown, and I’ll look back with fond memories of spending time cuddling with them. 


Roots May 25, 2012

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One year ago,we moved into our first home!  Over the past year we have found a lot of things we didn’t see and tackled ones we could.

One of the first projects, other than redoing the kitchen, was a “forest” next to the garage and off our patio. See all that green on the left side of the picture?  That is what happens to holly bushes that grow unchecked!

What is not seen in the picture is the ivy (at least 3 different kinds) growing up in the bushes and pine tree.  We tried to figure out how to get rid of this brush. I started by spraying it with weed and broadleaf killer.  That got the ivy and some of the holly to start to die.  Being one of the hottest Junes in history, added to that I was 8 months (feeling 20 months) pregnant and not able to move, getting to the holly was on hold.  I was counting the day till I could continue working on it. So,one month after Lil’ Bit was born, I started to tackle the bramble. I got trimmers and started to cut away.  My strong hubby, helped out getting further in and down.

My first attempt

My heros…getting what I had a hard time getting

At the end of the day

Looks much better doesn’t it?  The stumps were trimmed down even further later on.  I thought that we were pretty much done.  Now a year later, I am finding something interesting.  The weed killer I used on the ivy, it was supposed to kill the roots.  Guess what, it didn’t, I am finding shots of the different ivy growing up in different places around my yard.  I have been digging out roots the past few weeks, pulling up 3-4 foot sections at a time.  All of this,because the yard wasn’t tended well for a few years.

One of the ivy roots I am working on.

It got me thinking about how left unattended sin can start to spread its roots out and deep into our lives that we don’t realize how deep the sin goes. It is easy to become complacent in our spiritual lives and let sin grow and take hold.

Romans 6:4We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” (NIV)

Those roots of sin if not dealt with can choke out the new life we are to have in Christ. Because of the wonderful grace of God- if we confess our sin, He is faithful to forgive our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Part of that is pulling up the weeds and dealing with the root. God is not satisfied with a top layer job of taking care of things.  He wants to (ahem) get to the root of things. Let me tell ya, dealing with those old roots of sin, is hard and painful.  Digging and pulling is never fun.  We need to deal with the sin right away, and not let it take hold and keep us from living our new life to its fullest.


Thankful Thursday May 17, 2012

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Yup-our snot sucker.  Lil’ Bit got RSV this past February, and one of the things we had to do was suction his nose on a regular basis. This thing worked great!  It got out so much more snot than the bulb syringe did.

It isn’t gross-there is a long tube plus a filter between your mouth and their nose, so no mucus gets through. It is a great product and I highly recommend it.  We use NoseFrida brand, which you can get on or BuyBuy Baby.


Swim Time

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Here in Texas,we get heat early.  It is only half way through May and Lil’ Bud has already enjoyed his new swimming pool.  Last year I bought a family size inflatable pool.  After a few uses, we stopped,because it was too hard to clean, and Lil’ Bit was brand new.  Having a new born outside by a little pool didn’t sound like a good idea to me.  I knew this year I wanted a smaller pool, so it didn’t take as much water to fill.

So, armed with my ideas,we went to Target. I had one in mind, but Lil’ Bud wanted a  dinosaur one.  It was the same price so I got it.


Doesn’t it look fun?  No this isn’t our family-I haven’t gotten a picture of Lil’ Bud playing in it. The father kind of looks like Marcus Samuelson, doesn’t he? Lil’ Bud has already enjoyed it and from that experience, comes some wisdom.

  • When looking for a kiddie pool, look at the safety issues.
  • This one has a hidden one- the slide.  It looks harmless enough, but I can’ t tell you how many times  Lil’ Bud fell off of it from the sides or trying to climb up it to go down.
  • How easy is it to clean?  This one the slide is attached to the bottom of the pool at the very end, leaving a pocket under the slide for dirt and junk to get into it.
  • Clean it often-as the bottom gets even more slippery.
  • Do your research on how to clean your pool.  I prefer to not use harsh chemicals, and just finished cleaning it out with vinegar.  I emptied the pool took a rag and got the slime off the bottom.  Then poured in vinegar and wiped the pool down with it.  Here is a link to other natural cleaning ways: Natural pool cleaning.  You can treat kiddie pools just like a big pool with all the chemicals: Chemical cleaning. It gives a lot of good information when cleaning these little suckers.  I found this using only bleach: pool cleaning-bleach.
  • This one is common sense- never let your little ones play in the pool unsupervised. As our MOPS group was recently told-drowning is a silent death.  It doesn’t take much water for someone to drown in.  When our pool has water in it, I am always outside watching Lil’ Bud.

Hopefully, we’ll get good use out of the pool. 


The Eve Effect May 11, 2012

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Last night I lay wondering about the first woman on earth. Have you ever thought of her? We are in a society that has books, advice columns, cook books, etc on most facets of life, she didn’t.She didn’t have a midwife when her children were born. Other than knowing she would have pain in childbirth, she had no one to turn to when Cain was born. Did she realize she was in labor? How did she know what to do with the umbilical cord? Did Adam really freak out over the first birth? Was it instinct that had her bring her babe to her breast to nurse?

In a way without having all the help we do, she had a lot to figure out. But she didn’t have to face the cultural norms or expectations that society places on us today. It is so natural, that when her babies cried that she brought them to her breast whether it be day or night. She had never heard of the cry-it-out method. Sleeping through the night? Probably not for a few years- most likely many years, as she gave birth to many sons and daughters.

Did she complain or take it all in stride?  I wonder what kind of challenges she faced in her marriage with Adam.  She knew the pain of losing a son via violent means.  I wonder how her feelings toward Cain changed after the fact.  We don’t really hear much about her after the “apple” incident.  What was life like for her?

These thoughts came to me as I have been up a lot with both my boys.  I get such deep thoughts in the middle of the night.

It took Lil’ Bud almost year before he really sleep consistently through the night. There are times that he has relapses, which many times revolves around teething, growth spurts, not feeling well or his schedule being interrupted. Most times I don’t mind getting up with him, especially if I can offer him some comfort. I know it won’t be forever. I do enjoy the midnight cuddling I get with Pete, one day he is going to be too big to be cuddled by mommy. Thankfully he is now sleeping through the night.

Lil’ Bit has been another challenge.  From day 1 he preferred to sleep on a person.  He instinctively knows when I put him in his crib, and he hates it!  He much prefers a bed, specifically, mommy and daddy’s.  Have I listened to cultural expectations that my baby should 1 sleep through the night? Well, no, if he is like big brother- it won’t happen till about 18 months.  Our next challenge with Lil’ Bit is to get him sleeping in his crib on a more consistent basis.
The Time magazine with the attachment parenting has been making a lot of noise lately.  A lot of people are making a lot out of it.  I read a blog post today that really put things into perspective.  Take a moment and visit Rage Against the Minivan and read her perspective about this.  I couldn’t really say anything after reading this post.