Armed With Duct Tape

…'cause duct tape fixes everything!

The Letter September 29, 2013

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2. getting it

3. opening


6.bye bed bed

Yep, that Tim loves his bed.

Then again, he loves Pete’s bed too.

And he loves Daddy and Mommy’s bed as well.

I suppose if the cats had beds, he would love those as well….

…as long as they had a blanket.

What is that?

Oh?  You want to know what was in the letter?

You do?  You could just close the page now..

.but then it might bug you that you never found out what was in Tim’s letter.

Ok… Here is the letter

7. announcement


One Response to “The Letter”

  1. Christine C. Says:

    Wow! Congrats! I can’t believe that I’ve seen you multiple times today and never found this out!

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