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Will the Real Easter Stand Up? March 31, 2013

Filed under: faith — swedblue @ 3:10 pm

When did Easter become a mini Christmas?  Walking the aisles at any store or pursuing the ads for store, I have been bombarded by outsiders telling me that I need to give gifts lavishly to my kids.  Candy, toys, clothes.   Add on that all the ideas flying around Pinterest, with all the little fancy things to do for Easter.  Have we given into a so non-Christian view of Easter?

This morning during worship time for some of our preschoolers, the leader said that Easter was not about candy, eggs, and gifts.  A little voice perked up in the room, and very definitively said, it was all about those things.  My heart was sad to hear the focus of today more about what we physically get than Jesus rising from the grave.

Guess what.  I did squat. Yep. Squat.  No fun little resurrection buns for breakfast, no package of bunny tails to give to our little friends, no easter baskets, we didn’t even do an egg hunt (the boys did have one with Granni last week).  Dreams of a lovely Easter dinner…do PB&J sandwiches and apples slices count? Actually, we are having ham for supper, would have been lunch-but those planes were dashed to the ground this morning as the ham would not fit into my crockpot.  It works out better for us, as Lil’ Bit falls asleep in the car on the way home from church.  He got his sandwich in the car before he crashed.

Easter Notes

What did I do today?  I took time out of my life to go to church.  To worship with my church family and praise God that Jesus didn’t stay in the grave.  To praise Him that He conquered death.  The tomb is empty.  Our Savior lives.  Isn’t that enough for today?


2 Responses to “Will the Real Easter Stand Up?”

  1. Judith Marget Says:

    I totally agree about Easter becoming a mini-Christmas. I love to celebrate that Christ rose from the dead on Easter Day not the Easter candy, clothes and special food.
    Joyce and I give a little Easter basket to Mom and had a small amount of ham, sweet potatoes, asparagus and of course a Key Lime pie for dessert.

    • Kay Says:

      We had a wonderful morning at church. Terry and the other men in our Bishopric spoke about The Atonement. Even the children were quiet most of the time. Lyman Bahr sang “Oh Divine Redeemer” accompanied by Rita Curran on piano. It was really touching. I had baked my ham yesterday, so all we needed were the sides – we just finished lunch/supper. Wish we could have been with family but it didn’t work out this holiday. In my younger life, holidays were a great time for family to gather and enjoy the bonds they have been blessed with. Maybe those days will return.

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