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I’m sorry, what? March 19, 2013

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It has been one of those days….

…a bad mommy day.  I admit it.  I don’t know where that thin line was when my patience broke.

oh, wait, maybe it was somewhere between non-existent nap-time for the oldest and the early wake up for youngest.

I became the mom I can’t stand…the yelling mom.  I try so hard not to…but it happened today.


…all over my boys, they experienced ugly mommy.  The worst part? I just finished a Bible study about passing along my faith to my kids.  and how they will see through my example of what faith is. What a great way to end the study.

I want to go find a place where I can curl up. Sit in the darkness, recharge,  be alone and hopefully come out as a better person.   Unfortunately, no place exists here, because one can’t become better when living in a bubble.

Instead, I will climb up  in my Father’s lap and lay my head against His chest.  I will listen to His heart.  I will hear some rebuke, correction, instruction and exhortation.  But most of all, I will come away a better person.

Wednesday morning edit: I followed up  to my thoughts in a new post this morning.


2 Responses to “I’m sorry, what?”

  1. Christine C. Says:

    We all have those days or moments… those times when you realize that your kids are not the only growing, changing projects in this thing called parenthood. And, yes, most of those times seem to involve lack of sleep. I am sometimes ashamed of my own behavior, but I know that most days I’m more patient, more loving, more calm, etc. than I was the day before. God has never done more work on me than He has in the last couple years.

    • swedblue Says:

      You are right, we all do have days like this. I know going into being a mother- I had visions of what motherhood was supposed to be like. I am finding out that it is totally different. God is working on me to be a better person over all, and my children will benefit from it.

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