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How Does Your Garden Grow September 28, 2012

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This summer, I was gang ho on growing my own vegetables, so I got the seeds, soil, compost and garden divider.

All excited to see growth! Grow my garden, grow!

I was SO happy to see my faithful watering was bringing up sprouts all over the place in my little garden.  I just knew that I was going to get great things out of this little garden of mine…

…then we went on vacation…

…and July struck….

…and a colony of ants invaded…

I lost most of my plants.  The watermelon plants only grew to about 4-5 inches long-they produced a couple of melons about a golf ball in size before they split.  The cucumber plants flowered, then got eaten by the ants.  My bean plants grew-but never flowered.  And my 2 carrots-rotted out at the top.  My basil is doing well, and I have been able to pick a lot off of it.

Another cantaloupe is growing…but the rest is so sad

I have great hopes for my pumpkin plants…and lovin the basil

All in all, my garden was a failure.  I know why…the barrier I used between the top soil and the ground.  It didn’t allow for the roots to get deep and tap into the moisture below.

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law posted what they have done in their garden.  It is based of a film called Back to Eden.  I sat down and watched most of it-I still have about 30 minutes to go.  The last part of the film is about other Back to Eden Gardens around the country.  I really liked what I heard, and thought if anywhere was going to prove what this guy says about the wood chips helping to retain water and crops growing even in drought-it would be here in Texas.

I knew I wanted to get most of the back yard used for a garden and get the soil ready for next spring.  I started looking up tree trimming companies, but had not yet started to call them yet.

Today, when I was coming home from grocery shopping, there were tree trimmers trimming trees along the alley for the utilities.  They just happened to be right next to our house, so I asked one of the guys what they were going to do with their chips.  Then I asked if they could dump their load in my yard, so I could get a start on my own Back to Eden Garden.  I cleared things away, mowed my back yard to start laying down the chips this weekend.

About 4 hours later…this appeared in my driveway.

The hill of wood chips.

Ah…already dreaming of the beautiful plants that are going to be planted in my gardens!

If you want to learn more about Back to Eden gardening, head over to and check out their web page.  If you have time, watch the movie-it is about 1 hour 30 min long, but worth it.  Check back every so often as I document my own experience in my garden!


2 Responses to “How Does Your Garden Grow”

  1. fiveintow Says:

    So exciting! I can’t wait to see how it works out. How fun of God to give you exactly what you needed at just the right time. 🙂

  2. jnzaruba Says:

    That’s fantastic! Can’t wait to see how your garden does next year!

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