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Indiana Jones Has Nothing on Me… September 21, 2012

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It is 5 Minute Friday and I am hanging out with LisaJo and the circle of bloggers who take 5 minutes of their blogging day to write. To find out more about it go here.

Five Minute Friday

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt: wide

“You want me to do WHAT?”, I asked as I looked down into the depths of the ravine.

I am not good with heights…scratch that..I hate heights.  And here I am in the middle of the Amazon, over looking a wide ravine.  If I am to get to where I need to be by sunset, I have to cross this.

“Faith,” I say to myself, “hmm, does it take more faith to just step out into nothing like Indiana Jones or take the first step on this bridge?”

Yep, I am a movie buff, and that scene from I.J. is playing through my head right now, only difference between him and I (other than that fabulously cool hat and whip) is he is holding the holy grail-I’m not.  I’m just an ordinary missionary headed to my next assignment, but if I am to get there-I have to cross this black hole!

My guide looks at me as if to say-come on lady I can do this with my eyes closed…move it.  Spurred out of my Indiana Jones daydream, I take the first step.  I’m not on that swaying bridge yet, but I am closer.

“Oh, why does this have to be so wide, God?  Give me snakes, bugs, God-forbid those humongous spiders along the trail, anything but this.  I can’t do it God.”

My stomach has stopped inching up my throat-if it is possible it is flying at maximum warp to the top of the my mouth.  Ugh.

“Come on.  You can do this,” I say to myself.
I know others have gone over this bridge for decades.  My co-worker who has been in this region for 20 years, crosses this bridge every month.  Never once have they fallen over or a board collapsed beneath them.  Okay,deep breath- “You got me God, right?”

Next step, I feel the movement of the bridge-the sway as weight is put upon it.  One foot at a time, I slow maneuver my way across.  The gentle breeze pulls at my hair and encircles me, like God’s gentle touch of encouragement.

“See, my child,” I hear Him whisper.  “Nothing is out of my control.  You can do this.”

I have no idea what that ravine looked like from that bridge.  People say it is the most breath-taking view you will ever see.  How I managed to get across it with my eyes firmly shut tight, I’ll never know.  Thankfully, I am in the village for a few months and don’t have to go over that thing again for a while. And just maybe… maybe next time, I’ll chance a glance around.

I have to admit this came into my head as I was getting Lil’ Bit down for a nap.  Not the whole thing, but the beginning.  For those who know me, you may be thinking to yourself…I don’t remember Beth ever being in the Amazon…or a missionary for the fact.  You are right.  This is entirely a work of fiction (except the heights and spider part). Who knows, maybe I’ll make this into a cool story someday.


6 Responses to “Indiana Jones Has Nothing on Me…”

  1. Robbie Iobst Says:

    Well, Beth, by reading it, I totally thought you were a missionary in the Amazon! :0) Great imagination! I love the line, “You got me God, right?” He has us!!! :0)

  2. ibeeeg Says:

    Oh…I love your creativity. This is a cool story in the making; I felt the intensity of needing to trust, to rely on faith.

  3. Emily Says:

    Is your fear of heights fiction or real? 🙂 My fear of heights is so real. I was WITH you. Love this. Naptimes – they lead to all good things!

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