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In sleep August 24, 2012

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While at the MOPS convention, one of the sessions I went to was on Social Media-the speaker was LisaJo Baker.  It was there that I heard about 5 minute Friday.  Every Friday she sends out a prompt and bloggers from all over take it and write for 5 minutes on that prompt.  Check her out here.

Today’s prompt: Join


The past 8 months, our youngest has joined us in bed.  He just turned 1 last month.  It wasn’t that we set out to do it, but ended up doing as that was the only way he would sleep (and therefore I get sleep too!).  We have nights where he has slept in his own bed then he gets another tooth, which means another ear infections and the only way he can sleep is with his head elevated on my arm.

These are special times for us, as it is the only time we get with ‘Lil Bit one on one. Recently he has been waking up to wish Daddy good bye before he goes to work.  It sets Josh’s day off to a good start.  I love being able to kiss his little head as he lays beside me sleeping peacefully.  It brings me joy.

One day he will be bigger and join in to another family.  At that point, I will look back with fond memories of when he was mine and I got to be the first to cuddle him.  I hope that over the next few years of his short childhood, I can prepare him for the new family he will join.

Five Minute Friday


2 Responses to “In sleep”

  1. Taylor Says:

    I love this. 🙂

  2. Wendy Says:

    I remember all the cuddle time with my boys when they were little and have such wonderful memories of those moments. Thanks so much for sharing yours! Blessings!

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