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What does a toddler think? May 30, 2012

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A friend of mine just posted this is on her facebook page:

I thought is was mostly true.  We do have a few differences here as we don’t watch Barney, Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street, or Clifford.  I refuse to let Barney or Elmo play in our home (as does my wonderful hubby)-they are outlawed here.  While I would love to say we are a creative family,doing all sorts of fun things, the truth is that Lil’ Bud does watch TV to help me get things done.

We are very particular about what TV he watches.  For a while, we allowed him to watch Thomas the Tank Engine, then we saw a disturbing side of it- the attitudes of the engines were terrible. We also have stopped watching Calliou, because he exhibits attitudes and habits that we don’t want our children to copy.

So, what do we allow?  From the beginning, we loved Kipper.  I love this one because the animation is simple and clean.  Lil’ Bud watches everyday, Curious George and Dinosaur Train. Our other go to is Veggie Tales.

I am also very concious of the adult TV we watch while the boys are up.  Most of the shows we watch are on HGTV and Food Network.   Anything with violence (which is minimal-as I can’t take it) is watched after the boys are in bed.

I do try to limit how much he (and the rest of the family) watches, though there are some days that he watches more than I would normally want.  We are working on it!

How does TV play into your family? Do have certain programs “outlawed” in your home?


One Response to “What does a toddler think?”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I’m loving your new blog! This picture is too funny. Hannah mostly watches Baby Einstein, but she also enjoys Curious George and Veggie Tales. She does have a “Tickle Me Zoe” that my cousin gave her for her birthday. She also has a few Sesame Street books, but she’s never seen the TV show. And there will never be a purple dinosaur in my house! =)

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