Armed With Duct Tape

…'cause duct tape fixes everything!

That’s Life May 29, 2012

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This past week, we have been dealing with the late on cast of the stomach flu.  Lil’ Bud and I got it last Monday, and hubs got it this Monday (what a rotten way to spend his day off).  We are pushing through it.  My house is still a wreck from when I was sick, and not having reinforcements this weekend, it is still in chaos.  But you know-that is life.

Instead, I have taking care of hurt hands, knees, and bums, as well as rocking my little ones to sleep.  What is more important that taking the time to make sure my children know they are loved?  I don’t think a sparkling clean house has priority over it. One day, my boys will be grown, and I’ll look back with fond memories of spending time cuddling with them. 


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