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Swim Time May 17, 2012

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Here in Texas,we get heat early.  It is only half way through May and Lil’ Bud has already enjoyed his new swimming pool.  Last year I bought a family size inflatable pool.  After a few uses, we stopped,because it was too hard to clean, and Lil’ Bit was brand new.  Having a new born outside by a little pool didn’t sound like a good idea to me.  I knew this year I wanted a smaller pool, so it didn’t take as much water to fill.

So, armed with my ideas,we went to Target. I had one in mind, but Lil’ Bud wanted a  dinosaur one.  It was the same price so I got it.


Doesn’t it look fun?  No this isn’t our family-I haven’t gotten a picture of Lil’ Bud playing in it. The father kind of looks like Marcus Samuelson, doesn’t he? Lil’ Bud has already enjoyed it and from that experience, comes some wisdom.

  • When looking for a kiddie pool, look at the safety issues.
  • This one has a hidden one- the slide.  It looks harmless enough, but I can’ t tell you how many times  Lil’ Bud fell off of it from the sides or trying to climb up it to go down.
  • How easy is it to clean?  This one the slide is attached to the bottom of the pool at the very end, leaving a pocket under the slide for dirt and junk to get into it.
  • Clean it often-as the bottom gets even more slippery.
  • Do your research on how to clean your pool.  I prefer to not use harsh chemicals, and just finished cleaning it out with vinegar.  I emptied the pool took a rag and got the slime off the bottom.  Then poured in vinegar and wiped the pool down with it.  Here is a link to other natural cleaning ways: Natural pool cleaning.  You can treat kiddie pools just like a big pool with all the chemicals: Chemical cleaning. It gives a lot of good information when cleaning these little suckers.  I found this using only bleach: pool cleaning-bleach.
  • This one is common sense- never let your little ones play in the pool unsupervised. As our MOPS group was recently told-drowning is a silent death.  It doesn’t take much water for someone to drown in.  When our pool has water in it, I am always outside watching Lil’ Bud.

Hopefully, we’ll get good use out of the pool. 


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