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The Eve Effect May 11, 2012

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Last night I lay wondering about the first woman on earth. Have you ever thought of her? We are in a society that has books, advice columns, cook books, etc on most facets of life, she didn’t.She didn’t have a midwife when her children were born. Other than knowing she would have pain in childbirth, she had no one to turn to when Cain was born. Did she realize she was in labor? How did she know what to do with the umbilical cord? Did Adam really freak out over the first birth? Was it instinct that had her bring her babe to her breast to nurse?

In a way without having all the help we do, she had a lot to figure out. But she didn’t have to face the cultural norms or expectations that society places on us today. It is so natural, that when her babies cried that she brought them to her breast whether it be day or night. She had never heard of the cry-it-out method. Sleeping through the night? Probably not for a few years- most likely many years, as she gave birth to many sons and daughters.

Did she complain or take it all in stride?  I wonder what kind of challenges she faced in her marriage with Adam.  She knew the pain of losing a son via violent means.  I wonder how her feelings toward Cain changed after the fact.  We don’t really hear much about her after the “apple” incident.  What was life like for her?

These thoughts came to me as I have been up a lot with both my boys.  I get such deep thoughts in the middle of the night.

It took Lil’ Bud almost year before he really sleep consistently through the night. There are times that he has relapses, which many times revolves around teething, growth spurts, not feeling well or his schedule being interrupted. Most times I don’t mind getting up with him, especially if I can offer him some comfort. I know it won’t be forever. I do enjoy the midnight cuddling I get with Pete, one day he is going to be too big to be cuddled by mommy. Thankfully he is now sleeping through the night.

Lil’ Bit has been another challenge.  From day 1 he preferred to sleep on a person.  He instinctively knows when I put him in his crib, and he hates it!  He much prefers a bed, specifically, mommy and daddy’s.  Have I listened to cultural expectations that my baby should 1 sleep through the night? Well, no, if he is like big brother- it won’t happen till about 18 months.  Our next challenge with Lil’ Bit is to get him sleeping in his crib on a more consistent basis.
The Time magazine with the attachment parenting has been making a lot of noise lately.  A lot of people are making a lot out of it.  I read a blog post today that really put things into perspective.  Take a moment and visit Rage Against the Minivan and read her perspective about this.  I couldn’t really say anything after reading this post.

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