Armed With Duct Tape

…'cause duct tape fixes everything!

Welcome to my world! May 2, 2012

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I have had this blog set up now for a while, but not had the chance to start writing.  The joys of having 2 very active little boys. I love them,but they do tend to cling to my legs most of the time. We are working on that with Lil’  Bud, the 2 year old, and you can’t blame Lil’ Bit. the 9 month old for that-he’s trying to walk.

My precious 2 year old!

Getting anything done in the kitchen these days has been a challenge.  Lil’ Bit loves to be in there with me (just like his brother at this age).   For the life of me, I can’t remember what I did with Lil’ Bud while I cooked and cleaned, I know he got into my cabinets, helped me unload the dish washer (still does), and cook.  Lil’ Bit just grabs my legs or any extra fabric in his reach and holds on for dear life.

My blue eyed boy

To help me as I menu plan, ( the original thought was to do a whole month of cooking, but I haven’t reached that yet!) I created a list of what I make on regular basis or want to make.   The resulting document looks like this:

If you are interested in what I have you can click on the picture to see the pdf version of it. I know it is not gorgeous, but it was done one handed while I nursed Lil’ Bit.  I tried to include links to the recipes online, they are the blue underlined items.   A lot of the recipes are found on my other site: Life Without Onions (that is a story for another day).


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