Armed With Duct Tape

…'cause duct tape fixes everything!

Why? January 12, 2008

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Some of you out there know what life is like when you are allergic to anything in the onion family. I do not, but my husband does. I grew up with onions in everything-didn’t like them as a kid, then I grew to like them. When I got married last year, I pretty much said goodbye to onions. My husbands allergy is from both raw and cooked onions. Raw onions make his throat swell up, and cooked onions gives him nausea and stomach cramps. Even just the smell causes him to get sick. So I have had to learn how to get the flavor into dishes with out my fall back of onions or garlic. So this is my journey as a new wife and a cook to create healthy great tasting dishes without onions. From time to time I will post recipes that I have adjusted or created that taste great.


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