Armed With Duct Tape

…'cause duct tape fixes everything!

Buyer Beware- It’s just wrong! November 15, 2006

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As I am in the throws of Advent advertising, I was reminded of an original idea that I had for Easter. I thought it would be cool to do a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to create a Peep S’more (you know ’cause what is a peep? it’s all marshmellow- and if one has leftover chocolate bunny that makes for a great base, only thing lacking is the graham crackers!) .

Now I had this idea back in February before the candy even hit the shelves. I find out much later that my idea has already been marketed, and you can buy Peep S’more Kit’s at Target (well, you could then). Anyway, in the process of creating the photography for the postcard, we ruled out the whole idea for the s’mores, because, well you see why.

So if next Easter Season you are tempted to create a Peep S’More, please for the love of humanity don’t! It is a cruel thing to put a Peep through!


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